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As we draw a close on this year, it’s time to look back and reflect at all the good times, and meals, you’ve had. I’m guessing most food-mad people will be able to pick their top 5 meals of the year at the drop of a hat. And after tasting the cover recipe, it fast went into my top 5 of this year, for the simple fact that it’s a good twist on a classic that everyone knows and craves at Christmas. And the leftovers are just delicious run through a stir-fry, too. We haven’t forgotten the veggies this year, with some buffet wonders and a dinner party for 6, so you can spread the word of the veg around while resting in the knowledge that you’re in good hands with our simple, yet divine, recipes. Let us embark on new adventures next year, knowing that whatever it may bring, we’ll all be going into things with a full and content belly.

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